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Understand Plagiarism

Plagiarism is mainly understood as academic dishonesty. But this simple definition reduces the intensity of the crime. Plagiarism can be committed in several forms including the attempt to bypass the professor, trying to steal an idea or works or pretending someone's intellectual property as his own.

The consequence of plagiarism can be expulsion from the college or school, jail or other legal cases according to the situation.

Safe plagiarism checker for Students

There are countless Plagiarism checkers are available, but most of them are either not good enough or don't provide what they claim. While secure plagiarism detection environment is essential for students to avoid any unexpected hazards and avoid academic dishonesty, there are several open-source and free copy tools are available.

While researching on the same, I discovered many useful tools which general students are not aware of. These tools range from direct plagiarism detection to detecting attempts to bypass plagiarism checking services.

Plagpatrol by Josemmo

plagcontrol bypass turnitin toolThis exciting software checks if somebody is trying to hide characters by altering character maps and colour variations.

In a nutshell, this app highlights all sections of a page that is not visible to the naked eye which will modify the plain text recognized by such tools, thus altering the final plagiarism score of the document.

Turnitin and some other plagiarism checkers are good enough to detect similarity between two pieces of content, but identifying such problem is still a painstaking job, and many times a plagiarist can bypass such test. Moreover, students who use plagiarism checkers should additionally check their documents to avoid unintended situations.

Why Plagpatrol before using a plagiarism checker?

Plagpatrol is an open-source project and doesn't cost you anything. Use it to add a layer of security. If you are buying your articles from an essay writing service which provides articles to bypass Turnitin or you are trying to circumvent software like Turnitin or Urkund, these tricks are easily detectable. In such cases, it is advised to use plagpatrol.

Plagpatrol is a safe tool. Unlike a plagiarism checker, plagpatrol is a reliable software which doesn't require you to upload your content onto the other servers. No matter what the company tells, there are fair chances of getting your data compromised if you need to upload it somewhere.

Free Software for Plagiarism Detection

Checkers like Turnitin and Urkund are capable of detecting direct as well as patchwork plagiarism, but to most of the students, they are not of much use as they often throw a huge plagiarism percentage when a student doesn't even plagiarize.

  • Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is great software for everyone from a student to a blogger. This software checks plagiarism and provides colourful reports with a percentage of similarity. PlagiarismcheckerX is the best free alternative to Turnitin and other costly software. It comes with quality features like bulk checking, multiple language support and intuitive interface. you can read more about Plagiarism checker X and get discount on purchase.

(Available for Windows platform)

  • Simple Plagiarism Checker

After researching a bit, I came to a very handy solution you can use with very little technical knowledge of python programming. This plagiarism checker uses TF-IDF and cosine similarity to check the similarity between two different documents. This can be quite useful for the students who are looking for a simple solution for checking similarity in their computer programs.

This software runs on the top of Flask python environment and works flawlessly. However, it is a very basic system which can only of use for the researchers who want to explore more about the capabilities of a plagiarism detection service. You can get the software here.

  • Plagpatrol plagiarism checker has partnered with one of the best plagiarism detection service to provide the safest plagiarism checking enviornment for students, researchers and teachers. This software checks billions of pages on the Internet and shows potential plagiarism in assignments, essays and research papers.

The plagiarism detection project is under development and will be available for free soon.

Checkout Grammarly - Proofreader and Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is a safe grammar editing and plagiarism checking software I am using for years to detect direct, mosaic plagiarism and patchwork plagiarism. It supports thousands of pages and all the major platforms and provides an intuitive interface for writing. (Sponsored)
Plagpatrol - Plagiarism checker and fraud detection programs
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plagiarism in academia is spreading quickly. is a collection of free and open-source tools to detect, understand and avoid plagiarism for students and teachers.
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